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Jewelry supplies:

Rio Grande
Bonny Doon Engineering Equipment for Jewelers and Metalsmiths
FREI & BOREL Jewelry Supplies
Hoover & Strong excellent source of all raw gold materials plus more.
Reactive Metals
TSI Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies
Kitco Precious Metals
Glendo GRS Tools, Advanced sharpening equipment, power tools
Fetpak display and packaging materials

Jewelry making information and classes:

MetalCyberspace the site for news, people and events relating to metals
Ganoksin/The Orchid List and Digest Open Electronic Forum for Jewelry Manufacturing Methods and Procedures Brought to you by Ganoksin Online
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco
Mendocino Art Center in Northern California
MetalWerx Jewelry/Metal classes in Woburn MA (near Boston)
Wire Sculpture Preston Reuther's school of gold wire sculpture jewelry

Jewelers and artists groups:

Society of American Silversmiths
SNAG Society of North American Goldsmiths
Jewelers of America Inc.
NAIA National Association of Independent Artists
WJA Womens Jewelry Association
American Craft Council
Metal Arts Guild San Francisco
Metal Arts Society of Southern California
Northern California Enamel Guild
Precious Metal Clay newsletter

stone and gem sources:

Opals In The Bag
The Mineral Domain great specimins
Artistic Colored Stones
Gemport Ruby, sapphire and spinel
Pioneer Gem Corporation
Island Gem and Rock
Larimar Source Information and Supplier of Larimar
Randy's Rock Shop Great rough stones
Montana Agate source Gems USA
Mystic Merchant gem stones, crystals, jewelry. Online diamond supplier
Chrysoprase Mines of Australia
My Little Rock Shop Rough for cutting

lapidary news, information and equipment:

Kingsley North Great place for lapidary equipment
The Rock Peddler Discount Lapidary Equipment
Danial Lopacki Co Equipment and info
USGS U.S. Geological Survey gemstone pages
BovaGems lapidary resource
Land of Odds Gemstone legends/lore and other odd things
Paul B. Downing Ph.D. Great books and videos about Opal

Online magazines:

Lapidary Journal
The Crafts Report
AJM the official magazine of Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America.
American Style

Online galleries: "The source for the finest artists and their work"
Silverhawk Fine Craft Exhibition
The Orchid's Jewelry Creation Gallery
Alternatives Contemporary Jewelry Gallery from Rome, Italy.

Jewelry designers:

Abrasha contemporary jeweler
Alison B Antelman Metal Arts and Jewelry Design
Nancy Bernardine-Widmar Fine Art Jewelry
Kathleen Bostick Metalsmith, steel jewelry
James Binnion Mokume Gane: Metal Arts
Carla Fox Metalsmith
Emanuela Aureli sculptural jewelry
Phyll Smith Jewelry and Gothic links to the Bay Area
Jim Lutz BolaMan Metal Art from Texas
Thomas Mann Design
Susan Sarantos Jewelry Designer/ Goldsmith
Taylor River Jewelry Designs Jewelry by Barbara S. McLaughlin
Anastasia Trainer

Artists in other mediums:

Boris Bally metal work
Bathsheba Grossman Digital sculpture in bronze and silver
Nicario JimemezArtist of the Andes
Christa Assad Ceramic Artist



Useful sites:

Google search engine
eBay Online auctions
Alibris Great used books online

Business helpers:

American Craft Artist Business Resource
U.S. Small Business Administration
FedEx | Tracking

Craft show helpers:

ArtFair Source Book Suppliers for Fine Art and Craft Show Professionals
Dealers Supply Inc. Showbooth Display Supplies
USA Light and Electric Track, SoLux, Dichroic Lighting
Craft Canopy sells EZ ups and other models
Flourish Canopies Archtop and Trimline
Glass Cube Units best prices I've found for these versitile display units

Photography and ad making:

PS Print Prints postcards, business cards, Bay Area business
Digital Cameras Digital Photography Review: News, Reviews, Forums, FAQ

San Francisco Area:

Craigs List (List Foundation) finding jobs, event announcements, looking for apartments.
Artist Resource Bay Area art shows, forum, classes, galleries, readings
Classifieds on The Gate
CA Earhquake ChartsIndex maps of Califonia earthquakes updated by the minute
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art San Francisco based on line magazine of current events



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